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Travel Medical Insurance for Schengen Visa and Residence Card

When travelling to Europe for any purpose or applying for a work permission, Schengen Visa or residence card - Schengen Insurance is a must. Every visitor outside the Schengen Zone and European Union is obliged to have valid compulsory medical insurance for foreigners in Schengen Area and according to the European Parliament and the Council Regulation EC No 810/2009 of 13 July 2009:
  • "shall prove that they are in possession of adequate and valid travel medical insurance to cover any expenses which might arise in connection with repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical attention and/or emergency hospital treatment or death, during stay.
  • The minimum coverage shall be EUR 30 000.”
We offer you Schengen Insurance which guarantees wide coverage EUR 60 000 in all Schengen countries. In every case of necessary and immediate medical care, emergency admission to hospital, dental care or repatriation (medical transport to parent country) you can be sure that your policy protects you properly.

This medical travel insurance for Schengen Visa and residence card complies with all standards and requirements of embassies, consulates and immigration offices for expats. See General Condition of Schengen Health Insurance for Foreigners and Insurance Product Information Document.
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only 19 EUR
Low price

Standard price per month for adults is 19 EUR.
Buying insurance for at least 12 months - monthly price is 16 EUR.

Price for students are 15 EUR or 13 EUR per month.

60.000 EUR
Superb protection

60.000 EUR is high insurance sum covering all medical expenses in case of accident or illness.
Policy covers e.g. hospitalization, doctors' visits, repatriation... without any dedictubles.

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Official approval

Insurance meets all European requirements for Schengen visa and residency. It is accepted by Schengen countries embassies.

In case of visa refusal you get money for insurance back.

Mandatory European Medical Insurance

In which countries the health insurance for Schengen visa and residence card is valid?

In all 26 countries of Schengen area: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Liechtenstein.

If you travel to more than one country you just need only one insurance policy.

Who needs medical insurance for visitors outside Schengen Area?

All people visiting Europe. Tourists, people who travel for business purposes, office and physical workers, students outside European Union studying in Schengen Area, people visiting Europe for sport purposes.

It is a must for foreigners who apply for any type of Schengen visa or residence card (permanent or temporary, short-term or long-term), immigrants who apply for work permit in any Schengen country.

Is money for Schengen insurance refund when my visa is refused or not granted?

Yes, if the Schengen insurance contract (insurance policy) hasn’t started yet, in case of any situation when your visa is not granted, canceled, rejected or refused by embassy - you can get back your money for Schengen insurance.

Insurance premium is refund in full, without any fees. You need to contact AXA Assistance without undue delay to start insurance premium refund procedure.
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Coverage of Health Insurance for Schengen Foreigners

Our Schengen Insurance is compatible with European law and meets all requirements of embassies, consulates and immigration offices. It guarantees refunds and covers all medical expenses up to 60.000 EUR in all Schengen countries. Schengen Insurance for foreign visitors covers the necessary, unavoidable costs of medical treatment and procedures, including diagnostic procedures. It gives you protection in case of sudden illnesses, personal accidents when the following benefits are needed:

See Schengen Insurance General Conditions See Insurance Product Information Document

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