Information about health insurance for Schengen visa or residence permit to Europe - articles and opinions useful to make a best buy:

Schengen Insurance Requirements

What insurance is valid?

European law (Schengen Agreement) demands from visitors not only to have any travel medical insurance, but defines specific and detailed requirements of the Schengen insurance policy.

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European Directive: Compulsory Insurance

European legal enforcement of Schengen Insurance.

Here you can find set of legal European regulations about Schengen Visa Insurance.

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Purpose of Schengen Insurance

Why do I need Schengen policy?

Obligation to have Schengen insurance gives you a certainty that in case of unexpected occurrences your health and life are well proceted. Because assistance and medical treatement cost a lot of money, you need to have insurance to cope with the financial burden when medical aid has been provided.

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Countries of Schengen Area

Where the medical insurance is an obligation?

Schengen Zone consists of 26 European countries which have signed the agreement that guarantees abolishment of their internal borders, free movement of people, capital, services, and goods. These nations are nearly 420 million European people.

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Schengen Insurance

What is it?

Also called 'Schengen Travel Insurance', 'Schengen Visa Insurance', 'Europe Travel Health Insurance' or 'Europe Medical Insurance'. This is compulsory insurance for visitors outside the European Union and Schengen Zone.

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only 19 EUR
Low price

Standard price per month for adults is 19 EUR.
Buying insurance for at least 12 months - monthly price is 16 EUR.

Price for students are 15 EUR or 13 EUR per month.

60.000 EUR
Superb protection

60.000 EUR is high insurance sum covering all medical expenses in case of accident or illness.
Policy covers e.g. hospitalization, doctors' visits, repatriation... without any dedictubles.

buy online
It takes 5 minutes

You get insurance documents (including insurance policy) directly on your e-mail.

If you pay with debit/credit card you receive certificate instantly after payment.

OK embassy
Official approval

Insurance meets all European requirements for Schengen visa and residency. It is accepted by Schengen countries embassies.

In case of visa refusal you get money for insurance back.

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