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Purpose of Schengen Insurance

Why do I need Schengen policy?

Obligation to have Schengen insurance gives you a certainty that in case of unexpected occurrences your health and life are well proceted. Because assistance and medical treatement cost a lot of money, you need to have insurance to cope with the financial burden when medical aid has been provided.

Schengen insurance is a compulsory obligation for all visitors outside Schengen Zone. It means that all visitors need to have valid medical insurance policy durig their stay in Schengen countries. The concept of compulsory insurance gives all people living or staying in Schengen Area assuarnce that everyone would have urgent medical aid and necessary treatment provided. The common European values regarding to protection of life and health of all people are the reason of making the Schengen Insurance an obligation. Therefore, there should be no situations in which people who need access to healthcare and emergency aid would not get help.

The regulations of Schengen Agreement concerning insurance define minimal requirements for medical insurance for visitors and expats and make it compulsory. Reason? Schengen Visa Insurance protects you or/and your family, gives equal chance to get emergency aid and medical treatement and does not ruin your finance. Instead of thousands Euros you pay only a few or dezens.

only 19 EUR
Only 19 EUR monthly premium for full cover of Schengen medical insurance. This product has the widest coverage on the market!

For foreign students only 15 EUR for a month of coverage.
60.000 EUR
Medical expenses
The highest insurance sum on the market! Insurance policy covers medical expenses up to 60.000 EUR.

Schengen insurance policy covers i.a. hospitalization, doctor's visits, repatriation... up to 60 000 EUR!
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All take less than 3 minutes!
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