Schengen Insurance Policy Requirements

Schengen Insurance Requirements

What insurance is valid?

European law (Schengen Agreement) demands from visitors not only to have any travel medical insurance, but defines specific and detailed requirements of the Schengen insurance policy.

The proof of sufficient medical policy is necessary at the time of Schengen Visa application. Travel medical insurance requirements are:

Not all available travel insurance meet the requirements. So, if you decide to choose Schengen Insurance you have to be sure that policy is proper for Schengen Area. Some of Schengen Insurance products exceed requirements of European law to deliver more protection and comfort.

One of the insurance product that has much wider coverage (60 000 EUR) than minimal required and exceeds other requirements is AXA Assistance Schengen Insurance available online on this website. Important issue, especially in all embassies and consulates is also fact that the AXA Assistance is reliable and worldwide known insurance company which deliver best quality Schengen Insurance to their customers.

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