Travel Schengen Insurance

Schengen Insurance

What is it?

Also called 'Schengen Travel Insurance', 'Schengen Visa Insurance', 'Europe Travel Health Insurance' or 'Europe Medical Insurance'. This is compulsory insurance for visitors outside the European Union and Schengen Zone.

Every visitor outside the European Union and Schengen Zone is required to have insurance policy covering up medical expenses in case an unexpected sickness or injury arises during the stay in European countries. Medical insurance that covers at least 30 000 EUR in emergency treatment and medical repatriation and at least the entire Schengen Area for the duration of stay.

Schengen Insurance is needed when you apply for visa to European countries in the Schengen Zone. The Schengen insurance policy should be an integral part of application for all types of Schengen Visas:

and visa offices would not issue visa unless proof of proper insurance which meets minimum requirements of health Schengen visa insurance.

Schengen Insurance is a must for tourists, businessmen, students, workers and anyone travelling to European countries. This medical plan is required by European Law, but above all, the most important thing is that insurance guarantees you protection, certainty, access to European healthcare system and medical expenses refund in case of unforeseen accident or illness.

only 19 EUR
Only 19 EUR monthly premium for full cover of Schengen medical insurance. This product has the widest coverage on the market!

For foreign students only 15 EUR for a month of coverage.
60.000 EUR
Medical expenses
The highest insurance sum on the market! Insurance policy covers medical expenses up to 60.000 EUR.

Schengen insurance policy covers i.a. hospitalization, doctor's visits, repatriation... up to 60 000 EUR!
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